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Good Design Website that I came across

Hey guys. Web design has transformed itself tremendously over the last few years. I still recalled myself seeing frantic website with a lot of contents cluttered around 5-7 years ago. They all disappear now, or at least, are very close to extinction. That is a good thing. The trend now leans toward clean design with lots of white space for people to follow easily, without huring their eyes.

As a trained web designer, I always make it a routine for me to scout the web and mentally feedback to myself how I could improve the site better. In this post, I will lay out my thoughts in writing, so you could take a peek into how I think, and how I will improve these sites.

Well, let’s get started, shall we.

Air Tool Guy

The site is very clean and well-structured. It is responsive. It starts with a mega posts with lots of words (3000 words at least in my opinion), and the menu is clearly marked with different types of air compressors.

The internal linking is done well: Whenever he mentioned a compressor brands by name, such as the Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor, he has a link to the correct URL offering detail reviews on that particular compressors.

Air Tool Guy Screen Shot
Air Tool Guy Screen Shot

One thing I would want the site to improve maybe the choice of font. It’s not really the best font for me. Moreover, the color of the link should be made more neutral, and easy to stand out more. I just don’t like the red color.

But overall, I really like how detailed the site is with all air compressor reviews from lots of well-known brands. Also, it would be better if there are some signs of interaction on the site, …

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User Interface 101 – Brief Introduction

When it comes to web design, you often heard about UI/UX design. What exactly is that? And how does it benefit the users. I will walk you through the very basic definition of User Interface (UI). A good UI will help you website a lots in advancement, and become pleasant for the reader to browse around.

A very good resource to understand about the small little details of UI is – The site talks about how UI is applied in many application that you often use. He critic the good and the bad use of UI, and how it helps users interact with the app/web easier. is also a good site to follow, especially for those who like UI on Mobile. Very nice layout, explaning best practice for UI on different mobile platform.

Still, the thing that you need the most for UI is practice, and practical data. Build up a website/app and then collect the data on how he/she uses your web/app. Survey and interviews work best in this case, as you understand specifically how they interact. A good observation is nice, since you are recording them when they are very comfortable.

Within the scope of this short sharing, that’s all I can leverage on and let you absorb.


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Responsive Design

Responsive Design – Trend that stays (Part 1)

Well, if you are a web designer, and you never heard of responsive design, probably you are living under the rock. Google is placing the emphasis more than ever on the importance of mobile-friendly, in its next update on 21 April, 2015. There should be a shakeup as some of the sites will lose rank if mobile visitors find it difficult to view their page. In this post, let’s briefly discuss what is responsive design, how it benefits web masters and users. In the next post, I’ll view some of the good example of responsive design done correctly.

What is Responsive Design?

Well, as its name sugest, it referes to design that is responsive to the browser size. As the browser change size, the web elements will move accordingly, to ensure the greatest viewing area for the users. The very basic one is if you view on mobile, the widget will move from the right/left rear to the end (just after the content area). It avoids the case where you have to scroll more than you should be to view the widget.

It’s done by using multiple if options in the formula, to figure out the optimize size and number from which it could trigger a shuffle of an element. Usually, the number lies around 580px. Built in Chrom tool helps tremendously with that, as you could see how your page is view in other device with just a click of a button.

How it benefit Webmasters and Users?

Well, it definitely benefit users. As you visit a site, and it breaks down when viewed on mobile, it is a bad experience for your is it? On mobile, you need the text to be big enough, and just nice not to pop on to your eye. As the view …

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Blog idea

Find idea for your next blog?

Just take a casual look on the internet, and you are drown with so many bloggers out there, who are trying to make a name for his/herself. Well, it is a lucrative market, as an influential blogger can take home a lot of money, ranging from 30,000 – 100,00 a month. Proof, see how Pat Flynn did it here). However, becoming blogger with such status is extremely hard, the competition is just a lot, and the time you have to devote into it is not meager. In addition, you still have a full-time job to maintain, and one thing after another, keeping your blog updated seems like a very heavy task.

Blog what you care/interested in

Thus, it brings me to the first criteria when it comes to finding the next blog idea: It should be something you care about. Knowledge is unlimited, and it is simply hard to know everything. Thus, a great deal of time must be spent on researching to fill up the content for your blog. To keep the juice flowing, a very interest in the blog subject must exist, before the blog could survive till its infancy stage.

It helps if  the idea is what you do for a living

Well, if you do not know about something, there’s always an option to outsource. However, those freelancers simply just researching stuff from others, and put it together in one place. To truly emerge as an authority in a certain field, you must understand what you blog about. Therefore, write about something you are good at, or are doing at this time. For example, if you are a web designer, blog about certain rules you think help make design better, or your experience working in the design field. Or if you are an Online …

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